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Throughout the more than 17 years that we have been in business at Beach Cities Mobile Auto Glass here in Manhattan Beach, we have service thousands of customer vehicles that have sustained damage to their auto glass. In the cases where the client was able to bring the vehicle in to the shop to be worked on before too much time had passed for an auto glass repair service, we were typically able to help them avoid a more costly glass replacement service. In our area of Los Angeles, it is not uncommon for drivers to encounter a large amount of debris on the roadways that can result in damage to the side windows and windshields of customer autos. Our shop is also one of the top-rated in the city when it comes to windshield repair, and you will be thoroughly impressed with the overall quality of work we do for the competitive prices we charge. Our company will help you with your:

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  • Auto Glass Repair El Segundo
  • Auto Glass Repair Redondo Beach

It does not matter whether you have a chipped or cracked window, what the cause of the damage is, or where you need us to respond to for fixing your car’s glass, we are here for you. Our staff often gets asked by new (and sometimes returning) customers how long they can wait to get their auto glass fixed or repaired. Our answer about 99% of the time will be as soon as possible so you can avoid the impact of the night time cool-downs our climate features on your auto glass. Most of our customers prefer to invest 30 minutes in a repair job vice several hours in getting a full glass replacement service done on their automobile. If you have any questions on what exactly our team can do for you, please give us a call today. Call today for a free estimate.

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